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3D print – the Future of Printing

The latest revolution in printing seems to gain such an interest that it is hardly possible to read all the latest news. The technology is new but it is developing in such pace and the results as you will see in a while are stunning. Print in 3D has short but rich history and it is now becoming more and more popular as many enthusiasts and researchers may use cheaper machines to experiment and print their works. It seems that some of those incredible machines can be bought for couple of hundreds of dollars, but still professional 3D printers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


You have most probably heard about 3Doodler which is going to be on sale in the near future. This incredible device makes it possible to print in 3D you own works with the only limit that is your imagination. Well, that is only one side of the story. 3Doodler may seem to be a bit imprecise because the whole printing device is not situated on a precise platform but your hand is the printer instead. But you can imagine how much fun it is to make something in three dimensions. Besides the device does not require any special software or tools and it costs around $75. There are some amazing works that have been already done with 3Doodler and in right hand this device makes wonders.



a unique 3d pen enabling you to draw in 3 dimensions


Here you can see some amazing art projects that were made with 3Doodler. There are some fine pieces of jewellery and also wire sculptures presenting animals among others.

Ruth Jensen

dark fairy sculpture new technology unique print in 3 dimensions wire sculpture


bird in the world sculpture made by the use of 3doodler tophat bird 3doodler pen sculpture goat nakisha sculpture 3dmodel



You can also see a huge amount of other works made by 3D printers which are stunning. One of the projects is entitled “Anatomica di Revolutis” created by Josh Harker. It is a 3D sculpture made from 3 pieces. You can see photos and the description of this and further projects on kickstarter. ()

 Josh Harker

 unique sculpture one element josh harker whole 3 pieces sculpture


And for the supper as the popular series “Game of Thrones” is coming back on TV we have found a outstanding example of 3D printing that presents the city of Winterfell.


winterfell 3d print winterfell model winterfell model printed in 3 dimensions image from the intro to game of thrones


3D Bird of Beauty

bird of beauty printedCat bird of beauty printedCat



3D printed hat



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