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5 CSS Galleries to Visit Immediately

The Internet is a sort of neverending story. Once can surf it for hours and days and every time discovers something new, a new site, a new gallery or a new resource site. This time we will deal with not one but several galleries. Why is that? Well we have to speed up to show you as much creative and interesting content as we possibly can to help discover the Web faster.

CSS Garden


It is a gallery of web design containing CSS websites from all around the world. Under the simple and pleasant layout hides a powerful resource site with many sites. You can simply view presented sites or you can register and as a member of CSS Garden you’ll be able to showcase your own page at your portfolio or you’ll be able to keep the track of pages you like.

css design gallery garden

design css garden web gallery

Web Design Yorkshire


At first sight this might seem a little bit limited access page because it is written “Yorkshire” here. It is not completely true, though the main purpose of the gallery is to showcase well built and flawless websites produced by use of Cascading Style Sheets. But you shall be not afraid, you may also submit your own website based somewhere else than Yorkshire area.

There are couple of criteria to get included into the Yorkshire CSS Gallery, or even to become an “honorary Yorkshireman”, check them out:

“1. validate without a single error in the W3C MarkUp Validator; 
2. are designed well and look good! 
3. have descriptive titles and carefully thought-through descriptions.”

These criteria are quoted from the main page of Web Design Yorkshire to make them clear and to facilitate your submission.

css based website gallery

Best CSS design


Third gallery presented today is called Best CSS design. As in previous cases you may submit you web site to make it more visible in the Internet. You may also see through the gallery to discover more interesting and inspiring CSS based websites. The site is simple, clear and neat so you will not have any problems with navigation. In addition, at the right hand side you have a box called “Design Job Board”. As the name suggests if you are in a need of a job visit it and you may find some interesting project going on.

design gallery best css sites

Boxed CSS


This simple gallery gives you opportunity to showcase your site and to view gallery of other interesting CSS sites. At the very bottom of Boxed CSS you can view features sites and all visible thumbnails are rated by means of small, white hearts. The nice thing is that you may search the site according to colour of CSS based site or by tags, which makes browsing easier and more efficient.

boxed css design web gallery

CSS Based


The last site for today is called CSS Based. It differs a little bit from the other sites previously mentioned but it differs in a positive way. At most websites you may view features CSS sites in a form of thumbnails, but here at CSS Based you have the thumbnail but of a full view of the site presented. It is a feature similar to displaying content on Pinterest, but it enables you to see the whole site and then to decide if you like it or not, without even entering the site. Of course CSS Based enables you to submit your own site and to share it with other users but it also enables you to view some design resources, which may be also helpful in your everyday work.

web gallery css based

I hope that you like this post and please share your comments and views with us. We will be very pleased to see your suggestions and ideas.