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Amusing and creative 404 error pages

How many times did it happen to you? How many times have you bumped into an error page with number 404 and the message was that you have not found the content you were looking for? Well it might have happened quite often but the question is how many times have you laughed out loud?


Those errors do happen and it’s nothing unusual. But having a nice and funny 404 error page may bring you some visitors and what is the most important it will not annoy your current followers when they encounter such error. Furthermore, they may burst out laughing when they come across your error page and then the social stream will flow more rapidly.


They may share you page with their friends passing your funny and enjoyable idea of how you managed to convert error into a nice and creative idea. Certainly, you have already seen many interesting error pages and the Internet is full of them. Some are more creative some, are funnier than others. But the message is quite clear. If you don’t have your own creative error page you probably should be thinking right now how to convert this error to a funny message.


Enough talking. Let’s have fun! :)



501st Legion

 501st 404 Page Not Found.


Hopper Magic

 Hoppermagic   Page not found, html5


MLB 404 error

 You might want to actually go to that page and see the gif :)

Major League Baseball Error Page


Lego 404 Page Not Found


Local Fitness

 local fitness 404 - Not Found



 TESTIGO Documentary - Photography and Multimedia Journalism. We focus on social, political and environmental issues  404notfound



 404   Aleks Faure - Freelance Designer & Front-End Developer






Grain&Mortar Nothing found for 404


LLT Group

 404 Page   LLT Group



 Magnt   That Page Doesn't Exist, but this one does. We win


Blizzard Entertainment

 Blizzard Entertainment - Error!



 Umbro   404 Page Not Found



You might want to really punch the moose there :)

 centresource interactive agency   nashville, tn



 Path — Page Not Found


Royal Armouries Shop

 Royal armouries I think you may be lost!.



 Otixo  Oops! Page Not Found.


Focus Lab LLC

 We see you've lost your way   Focus Lab, LLC   Branding & ExpressionEngine Experts.



 Darkpony - 404 Page Not Found


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Be sociable, share! :)