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Christmas is coming. Design and fun.

Apparently the end of the world is not coming today and we may feel safe enough to prepare ourselves for the holidays. For this special occasion I was surfing the net with a quest to find inspiring and amazing designs in other interesting stuff. I may assume that the quest was successful and this time the designpin blog will present some wallpapers to make your desktop look more attractive and we have some interesting designs or rather pictures of Christmas trees. To sum up are pre-weekend fun side of the Internet we have some really cool ads that will make your Holiday more enjoyable.


Seizing the opportunity on behalf of the DesignPin Blog we wish you all the best for this Christmas holiday and a happy New year full of great designs and inspiration.




 tai tree for holidays

Las Vegas


And a in Columbia, Missouri, U.S.A.


Beer Tree

Although the picture is a bit old, because it comes from 2010, but nonetheless this Christmas tree was an impressive one. 1000 bottles of beer constituted this enormous, green glass tree for Christmas.


Fiber Optic Tree in Beijng

 China, Beijing fiber optic tree

A couple of nice Wallpapers


Wallpaper by MacTechieDesign



Smashing Magazine


Like always you can find several very nice wallpapers for your desktop, to make it more holiday-ish, on the smashing magazine page. Besides special wallpapers you may also find interesting and beautiful wallpapers every month.

 smashing december 12 wall smashing december-12-2012 smashing december 12 wall 2

Arctic Wallpaper


Institutional Wallpapers

 institutional wp


Did you know that Christmas has its own website. It’s not that impressive but hey, its the official website. The same situation is with Santa himself. He also has his official website, but I think he could work on his website.


 official christmas site

Christmas advertisements – creative and funny

 Creative Christmas Ads

 ibnev abChristmas (1)

 adsof the world pedigreechimney


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If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to email us at and we will try to respond as quickly as possible. And for now once again happy Holidays and happy New Year.

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