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Crazy Website Layout – maximum creativity


We have to face it right away, if layout is out of the ordinary there are two ways of progress. Either it is appreciated and becomes in a way a new trend or it is considered bizarre and becomes an infamous invention of an eccentric creator. We may think similarly about the Web and its continuously creative inventions. Some of them become the new trend in web development and design others are appreciated only in a narrow community and others are forgotten and even condemned for eternity.


This flamboyant paragraph was a short introduction to the topic of layouts and their variety. We can observe current trend that rule the Internet and its development. Responsiveness, CSS and HTML5 those are pervading the Internet but what about layout. As one of the most important elements of a website the layout it cannot be done in a hasty way.


Even in our recent article on WordPress themes one may get an impression that the layout has become consistent in recent month. WE can see column-based designs, which become a little boring at times. Don’t get me wrong, I do like this tidy and clean layout because there is no need to spend literally hours on searching for the info you need. But don’t you think that there might have been more diversity on the Internet.


So we decided to present you the uniqueness of the internet and the variety of crazy, sometimes bizarre and at times astonishing layouts. But in every case they are original. So enjoy the show and join us at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I would almost forget, we have also our profile at the Webblend site so come and join us.


1. Grip Limited

grip limited layout, unique site


2. Eutem

eutem unique site layout


3. Dave Werner

dave werner, website, layout, creative


4. Narrow Design

narrowdesign parallax scrolling layout

 narrowdesign website

5. Jeremy Levine

jeremy levine great site, great lweb layout

amazing website by jeremy levine


6. Rich Brown

Brown design site layout rich brown


7. Transmission Inc.

transmissin inc site and layout

 Transmission Inc site


8. Marshall Habner

 metro layout matro style layout


9. Matthias Dittrich

 incredible layout site


10. Samsung Mobile

 samsung jet site samsung mobile site


11. Alex Buga

 alex buga site web design


12. Designer Gleb

 designer gleb unique site, web deesign


13. Rodgers Townsend

 rodger townsend


14. Faust

 faust faust


15. Alexander Zhestkov

 Simple but great design Simple and functional web design


And remember that there are many other amazing places on the Internet. So watch carefully and if you have any suggestions let us know. Don’t hesitate to comment here, or visit our social profiles.