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Fantastic Calendar Design

Do you still have a traditional wall calendar you have one on your desk? Well, I do. Maybe it is not something really exceptional but it sill has its place on my desk where I count days to my closest holidays. Although, I am quite certain, most of us use all those applications on our smartphones or tablets and all those to-do lists there is still a need for a more traditional approach to dealing with time.

The History of Calendar


I might develop a quite elaborate and lengthy article on the history of the calendar but I suppose it might have been too boring for most of us. But we should all know, and most probably we are all aware of it, that calendar itself has a pretty long history that spans for more than several thousand years.


Ancient cultures developed their own calendars, which more or less reflect the current look of our calendar. And so in the ancient Sumer they had 12 months and each had either 30 or 29 days. Similarly, in other cultures the yearly calendar was either similar to later Gregorian calendar or like the Mesoamerican cultures had their own quite particular calendar.


In Europe, there were also several variations of calendars depending on local preferences, but more or less it may be assumed that around the 8th century the present system of Anno Domini calendar was developed. It was not used until few centuries later but the modern shape of it was created around that time.


Now, you know several things about calendars and for further reference I may suggest more detailed articles because it is only the beginning of history of calendars. There is much more to find out.


The Design


But we do not use those calendars the past and ancient time management schedules. The case is what kind of calendars do you use? Are the still traditional wall calendars or those placed on you desk or you completely shifted to the digital apps.


I have prepared several really impressive calendar design. You can either hand them on your wall or put some of them on your desk but you certainly have to admit that they are creative and some of them are magnificent.


The Sun, It Shines


This beautiful calendar you may buy and hand it on your wall. Though, the year 2013 is good under way, you might still want to have it in your office or your room. Full colour print has day and month around the sun. Printed on A2 paper of size 420mm x 594mm.

su it shines, creative design

the sun it shines, creative design


Andrea Incardona


For those who want to have a really nice calendar for the next year you may choose the work of Andrea. Simple and minimalistic piece of work with clear and clean design. A nice calendar design for 2014.

andrea, design blog

andrea 1, design blog


Gregor Details


This is a unique opportunity to pull the days away. This amazing work makes it possible. Great design and amazing materials make the calendar extraordinary.

Gregor-01, design, blog, creative




This design combines both clock and calendar in single unique object. The relationship between hours and days is not to be undermined and therefore Ken Lo came up with the idea of connecting a them both and here is the result.

ken lo, clock, calenclock

ken lo1, calenclock


ken lo3, calenclok


The calendar comes in two colour variations. Colour rings represent months and it features Federal Holidays in United States. Below the rings you may fill in particular dates with meetings and all the important things that you have to make during a year.

oberhauser, art design

oberhauser1, art design


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