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Happy New Year – 2013 Design


It is the time of celebration and reflection. The New Year is coming and most of us will in a way sum up the soon-to-be-past year. We as the DesignPin Team want to make a small summary of our activity during 2012. Since we have been existing since October we haven’t had enough time to fully extend our fields of interest and to gain that much readers as we probably wanted but we thank all of you, who have been so eagerly visiting our site and we ask for more. We also hope to broaden our span of interests and fields of expertise concerning design.


We have been constantly working towards better content and visual side of www.designpin.co and some of our work you could have already seen. We upgraded our site and thanks to our skilful and brilliant programmer you can browse our site with comfort it looks great, doesn’t it? When it comes to content our editor worked hard to maintain variety of materials and to keep them interesting at all times. We hope that you appreciate our effort and that you will visit us often, that you will share good news from DesignPin Blog with your friends and that group of DesignPin fans will be bigger and bigger.


Finally we want to wish you all the best in the upcoming year and all the best designs that may be. For designers – keep your great work because this year was great concerning designs and still we have to make the next one even better. We want to wish you loads of creativity and never-ending inspiration so that you can create unique and amazing designs. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Cat Calendar 2013 by Apofiss


 calendar design 2013

Landscape Calendar by IsacGoulart


 landscape new year calendar

White Calendar by IsacGoulart


 new year calendar 2013

Black Calendar by Yaroslav Turchaninov


 2013 calendar black calendar design

2013 Calendar by Hakeem


egypt calendar egypt calendar 2 egypt calendar 3

Greeting Card


 happy drunk new year card happy new year card



 gold greetings card 2013 new year card 2013 gold 2013 card design