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Inspiration resources week #13

Hopefully this article will be a new beginning. A beginning for a series of articles focusing on most inspiration materials all over the web. I know that the idea is not new and that you can find plenty of similar articles and posts, but it is not the case to copy and multiply already existing things. It is all connected with the fact that everyone is inspired by something else. And we also want to find some inspiration.


So to begin with the series which will be weekly post archive I want to present you some of the most interesting things that I encountered during a weekly web surfing. Have a comfortable seat and enjoy our  inspiration materials.


1. Lamborghini Veneno


Incredible, powerful and outstanding car. One of the Geneva Motorshow highlights that totally deserves to be shown all over. A machine that can get to 100kmph in less than three seconds. I am just wondering how the car sounds and drives and waiting for Top Gear review.

Lambo-Veneno-02 Lambo-Veneno-01


2. HTC One smartphone


Definitely a thing worth mentioning. Though it is not completely a new thing the it is an inspiring smartphone from HTC that will be of great competition to such models as Galaxy S3 and SIV as well as for iPhone. It does look amazing, doesn’t it?




3.Lara Croft art


Who does not remember Lara Croft and the amazing Tom Rider. Well there are many artworks from the series and we found a very nice one.



4. We’re next


A piece of very nicely designed project with minimalistic dark background. Very nice and clear job. Take the trip to behance to see more.

 we're next we're next1


5. App template by Ryan Pittman



6. Mimes by Atgill

One mime is not bad but a set of them is even better. And mimes at the chessboard, that’s really odd.



7. Zombie survival kit

Well everyone knows that zombies are real. So to be prepared there is a survival kit that will help you survive the apocalypse. Have fun with your own, personal zombie kit.

 zombie survival kit


8. Nokia’s flexible screen.


Why not bend and twist the screen of your smartphone. Well you don’t want to try it with your current phone but maybe your next one will be capable of folding and you will squeeze it in your smallest pocket, who knows.





A very nice brochure with dimmed colours and modern design.

renaissance renaissance1



10. Mike Wrobel


Alien based great artwork.



11. Breaking Bad Illustrated.

 braking bad illustrated