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Inspiring Websites at the beginning of 2014!

First of all, happy New Year!!!


The whole DesignPin Team wishes you all the best in 2014 design. We wish you a lot of inspiration and many demanding projects so that you can develop your creativity and skills.


This is all when it comes to wishes and basically its is almost everything we want to present at the start of 2014 besides the interesting and creative pages you will find below. There will be some time during next posts to discuss the upcoming trends but one thing remaining is that not much will change in the world of design.


Since the change of the number of year does not affect significantly web designers the trends will be sustained. The single page design is still very popular and one may expect that many fresh entrepreneurs will turn to this kind of design. Moreover, we may expect more and more of flat design as it seems to grow quite rapidly in web industry.


An interesting thing that one might have noticed in the second part of the past year is the increase in video usage in place of the text. It is an interesting trend that may develop quite fast as users tend to have less time to read the content. Furthermore, simplicity in design, colour schemes, and significant increase in the importance of mobile devices will be an important element of the design of 2014.


So the summary of the past year and the analysis of current trends will be shortly analysed in further posts and below there are few interesting websites that in a way present the trends and in case of Sochi Olympic Games trends that you should follow cautiously as the website seems a bit too messy to meet needs of more demanding web designers.


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First love is an interactive documentary that presents the history of Mario Andretti's love towards racing and how the whole passion started. As a viewer you are able to participate in restoration of his beloved and first car.

 first love documentary with video trend

first love documentary with web design


Lavazza Calendar –  is a page that shows the idea and work devoted to creation of the Lacazza Calendar, which is the 22nd edition of the creative work. The photographs were taken by Martin Schoeller.

 lavazza calendar signle page website trends 2014

lavazza calendar 1 history behind the coffee and the newest edition of a calendar


Sochi 2014 –  he sport calendar is very intensive this year with Olympic Games starting in a month and four days and World Cup in Brazil starting a bit later. Lets take a look what is the online look of modern Olympics. The only impression that comes to my mind is “average” or even a bit below average. I wonder what is your impression, take a while and leave a comment!

sochi2014 olympic games trends


Tonnelier - although my French is to week to understand the website and I do prefer not to use Google Translator, the website presents one of continually developing trends. Singlepage websites are very popular, which makes a singlepage website one of the main trends for 2014.

website inspiration and trends in the upcoming year

website inspiration and design trends in 2014


Jan Xavier Pacle – a minimalistic website of a director, writer and cinematograph Jan Xavier Pacle.


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