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Marley Celebration – 68th anniversary of Bob Marley’s Birthday

After quite a portion of content filled with responsiveness and responsive design it is time for relaxation and a bit of visual pleasure, of course visual meaning full of great graphics and designs. Soon we will get back to further exploration of HTML, responsive sites, CSS and other valuable topics in current web design, but as you know everybody needs some rest.


Yesterday, on 6th February thousands of fans around the world celebrated the 68th birthday anniversary of legendary Bob Marley. As a place devoted to design and web resources we were wondering how we can celebrate this event and still maintain the main theme of our site. We decided to create a kind of fan artwork collection from around the web in the atmosphere of reggae.


To truly feel the atmosphere we played a couple of albums by Bob Marley and The Wailers and we were surfing the web in the search of great materials to present you with the best. We know we are a bit late that the anniversary was yesterday. But you certainly know how fast the time passes and we simply were not able to post this article. Nevertheless we’ll try to compensate for being late with the materials and a couple of interesting info.


Bob Marley Vintage Posters

 Harrison and Marley concert poster  the wailers 2011 a concert in apollo theater 1979 a poster



And here you can find a huge collection of vintage posters from other major significant bands such as: The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Ramones and many many more gorgeous posters.



Bob Marley Character by EddieHolly



Bob Barley by punXrull



Bob Marley by amraa



Marley and Me by OtisFrampton



Bob Marley Headphones



Here is an article on Washington Post about Marley’s birthday celebration.



A couple photos from recently discovered website.

 bob marley painting priyo photo marley




Here you can find a Bob Marley’s fans artworks on myspece. Quite an interesting profile and nice works.

 myspace fan artwork

I could not find the author of the picture below but it is a very nice one. I think it was found on deviantart.