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Responsive web design – 20 great examples

What is responsive we design and how is it used in practice? This question is not that hard as it seems. In simple words responsive web design, very often abbreviated to RWD because as you may see the proper name is quite long, it is an approach to designing websites that should by all means provide the best and optimal experience while viewing a website.


Main concepts of responsive web design include easiness in navigation and reading the web page content, as well as minimal amount of resizing or scrolling. This concept is utilized to ensure maximum performance and flexibility of website across many devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers.


Responsive web design’s aim is to fit correctly and without any obstacles into a wide variety of screens. Some designers and programmers claim that the year 2013 is exclusively the year of RWD. There is much truth in it because while the technology is developing in an outstanding pace designers and programmers have to keep up with it. Therefore among a great variety of screen resolutions, various window widths and preferences of users the web has to fit in into the world of technology.


This development of mobile devices, smart TVs and browsing through let’s say a game console forced designers and programmers to come up with a more universal idea of setting up a site that would be displayed properly on every single device. Therefore, the concept of ‘responsive’ website that instead of being programmed for various kinds of devices, as there were problems displaying in very low and vary high resolutions or wide screen, in a way responds and adapts to the conditions provided by the device. It is a kind of constant information exchange that enables the site to display correctly.


This seems to be the future of the Internet, at least the nearest future as who knows what will come out in next few months. The functional benefit is invaluable for one simple reason. Programmers and designers save precious time creating one flexible design. Universality of website displaying on almost every kind of web device ensures optimal viewing and user experience on continually growing amount of screens and devices.


Among many responsive web design pages I have selected a couple of website samples as good web design examples. Take a look at those modern web designs and if you have some other suggestions please include them in comments.


1. Digital Atelier

 digital web design responsive web design


2. Designed to move

 rwd web design examples


3. Anderssonwise

 andersson wise rwd responsive web design


4. Fork

 website web design how to web design


5. Createdm

 about web designing rwd


6. Dust and Mold Design

 web design web design


7. Touchtech

 touchtech web desgin responsive web design


8. Deux Huit Huit

 web design site


9. Made by Hand

 by hand design


10. Live in Greenville

 web designs live_in_greenville1


11. Sasquatch Festival

 sasquatch web site website


12. Gosphero

 web designers


13. Sony

 sony media website


14. Warface

 war face web design face war design


15. Demi



16. UX London

 london web design ux


17. El Sandero del Cacao



18. Starbucks

 starbucks coffee website rsponsive web design starbucks coffee shop


19. Jux

 jux jux1


20. Responsive dog :)

 responsive web design dog

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  • Jake

    Nice! I really love responsive design. I’ve just never had the time to turn my blog responsive yet…. great article btw.

    • thedesignpin

      Thanks for the comment. It is worth to turn ‘responsive’. Hope you manage to do it soon.

  • Swamykant

    Super collection. I loved the design of every website but Fork website was most interesting one.

    • thedesignpin

      I’m glad that you like our article, and indeed Fork website is kind of standing out.

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  • kitchengeekery

    There is also a responsive website called Kitchen Geekery which was created using Bootstrap, Expression Engine and Font Awesome.

    The website is here;

    • The DesignPin Blog

      Thanks for letting us know about your website.

  • Power Shift

    We just launched – The Stowe Area Association wanted to modernize their site using the Joomla content management system, and to create a Responsive, mobile-friendly template, that affords a unified branding experience across all devices.