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SEO Tips and Web Inspiration

We have had a lot about responsiveness and responsive web design and for sure it is not the end of the trend so you may expect that we will devote quite a substantial amount of time to keep you up to date with plugins, frameworks and so on.


But let’s think in a different way. Let us not concentrate on tools and additions that may help you with design responsive sites but let’s think about website as a whole. Besides being responsive and correctly programmed the site mus be perfectly readable and above all it must be nice and interesting.


The reason is simple. When you do not have anything worthy to show you will not get the necessary visits. You will not get the traffic that in future will be one of the most visited sites. That is why this article will be devoted partly to design and layouts and the other half will constitute a small SEO guide.


The content

I won’t be to original claiming that the content of your site is the core of its visibility. Interesting and worthy content guarantees that users will come back to our articles and posts and that they will become our returning visitors. Engaging content also guarantees that people will be more willing to share this content and spread the good news we were working on.



I do not discover a new land when I say that backlinks are so important. I may say that some of SEO specialists and some owner especially of smaller companies prefer the not so good tactics of buying backlinks. It is definitely not a brilliant idea. Backlink must be earned and content marketing seems to be the best and most effective way of earning backlinking. Once I have read that buying backlinks is considered as a bad tactics and also leaves a negative track.


Quality, quality and once more quality.

Some may consider that huge amount of articles and posts is the best way to engage users and to gain audience but let’s face the truth. Who wants to see poorly edited posts with random topics several times a week. This is the reason to post less and try to concentrate on best quality. More interesting posts will encourage visitors to come back and check on your page or blog to see what is going on.


Keywords are they still important?

Of course they are. It is worth to devote some time to make a keyword research and find those that will suite your content. You may also think what words would you use to find exactly what you want. This may help to speak the customer’s language so to say. When you know how to find your products or website content you will know the way to facilitate it to your customers.



These couple tips may help you to improve the visibility of your site. Maybe you know them all or maybe you knew only part of them but if you have some other interesting tips do not hesitate to share with us what you think. We will appreciate every comment.


Now let us pass to the second part of this article, namely the visual site. We picked some very interesting websites. We though that some inspiration may be of use. So take a while and visit those sites that you thing are the most interesting. We can assure that all of them have something worth a peak.



Simple, minimalistic but in our opinion great site.

a minimalistic but effective website



Maybe not the most impressive site in the world but designed in an interesting way.

maybe not the finest but very interesting website






creative idea and nice finish






incredible site and great graphics



renderwavenice and clean website from Italy









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