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Some Crazy Online Games!

This short article will be rather different from what we have been doing throughout past months. Since we have been dealing with the vast brand of design in any form the DesignPin blog gained some consistency and coherence. But sometimes there is something to be changed. However, do not expect some radical shifts. The design is still the priority although today it will be other kind of design.


As frequent and engaged users of the Internet we were wasting a lot of time for gaming and simple, mindless at times, surfing. We have encountered tons of ridiculous websites, completely insignificant info and what is the result. Well, among this stuff we found some very impressive and interesting websites.


The most important aspect of this longish introduction is the fact that the post concerns browser games. Not those popular massive multiplayer online games but slightly different, sometimes more demanding games. This time I approached the topic from a slightly different perspective. The design of the website is in this case not the most important aspect. It varies from game to game, some websites have distinctive and impressive design, while other defend with unique approach to gaming. Nonetheless, lets have a look on what we have found.


The Language Game


It is called the Great Language Game and the size is no the case. From among the multiple spoken languages around the world there are only eighty. Why only. Well, there are hundreds if not thousands of languages, some of them are only present in the spoken form, and it is not easy to record. But the games is far from easy. The purpose is to distinguish languages on the basis of a recording.

greatly demanding and interesting language game

an amazing game concerning spoken languages



It is an interesting phenomenon. A game that was developed following the current trend, namely the cat. The whole world seems to be crazy about cats from those grumpy ones to really cute kittens. What's the point? The aim of the game is pretty simple, to destroy as much as you can within 2 minutes. That's not very much, but 2 minutes are sufficient to make quite a mess in the room. You have to earn at least 100,000 points to win. You are steering a car so one may call the game FPCS, First Person Cat Simulator. The only disadvantage is that the cat can't miaow.

a game on cats and about cats following ther world's trend

a game about cats and with a cat it is a cat simulator in first person


You can't Javascript under pressure

I not a code man so I was not able to test the game. However programmers and web developers will appreciate the possibility to stand up others and compare the results. So if you gain some nice results let us know.

java code fast, a game on coding in popular javascript

code fast in javascript, a game on programming



Igor Ostrovsky developed an interesting programming game. The aim is to solve a puzzle and to collect all the stars in the puzzle. At the very beginning it is quite simple but the farther you go the more difficult it gets and one may spend literally hours on thinking how to solve the mystery puzzle of programming.

robozzle puzzle in programing

robozzle programming game,