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Website inspiration #19- Automotive websites

Cars are not only a domain of men. Though, of course we do like fast and good looking cars.But there is one simple question. Do you go to a website of a brand or a model of a car or do you take the easy way and Google it up?In this post I want to show you what you miss just by just typing into Google Search Engine a model of a car and waiting what images pop up. This post is mainly directed to car lovers but also to designers of all kind.


If you like nice and shiny cars you will get a lot of great images and data on performance and various technological aspects of a given model or even brand. If you are a designer you will get an impressive set of websites that are really eye catching and that may provide you with an inspiration or even a spark of idea for your future projects.


I will not prolong this any more, I want only to remind you about our social media sites where you can get more info and inspiration. So let’s meet somewhere in the social space: +Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.



You are probably familiar with the French made cars from the Citroen. A couple of years ago this brand had some design issues because their cars weren’t exactly what one would expect. But the DS5 is more than amazing. The looks, the technology all stunning and passionate.

Citroën DS5


2. Volvo

We have found two very interesting websites from Volvo family. For some people this company may seem boring but take a look at the websites.


Cross Country Travels

Beside promoting the Cross Country model Volvo promotes also beautiful regions in Scandinavia showing all these amazing photographs and films in a brilliant responsive site.

 Volvo Cross Country Travels


 V60 Hybrid

The second website is concerned with ecology and Hybrid trend promoting both power and ecology in one of Volvo cars.

 V60 Plug-in Hybrid   Hybrid1


3. Lamborghini Aventador J

We have been writing about Aventador on our pages but this time one may lose one’s head. Aventador J is an extremely open piece of art. Unique performance and wind or rather hurricane in your hair.

Overview   Aventador J   Special and limited editions


4. Mercedes – AMG

A fan of cars and motor sports must have heard about AMG. The company that deal with Mercedes cars and changes them into road beasts.



5. Infinity

To all those who are not familiar with the brand Infinity is a Japanese-based division of Nissan Motor Company. The luxury brand is gaining more and more attention on moto market since its cars are both reliable and technologically advanced.

Infiniti - Official Worldwide Site1


6. Lotus

I hope that I do not have to introduce the manufacturer with a tradition going back to 1950s. The British manufacturer is well know as a race car producer and as a Formula 1 Team.

Home   Lotus Cars


7. Ford

Who does not know the American classic, Ford Mustang. Every one moto-fan dreamt about brand new, pure power. On the website you can at least partly fulfil your dreams.

Mustang Customizer   Customize Your Own 2013 Mustang Sports Car

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