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Website inspiration week #16


We are all inspired by outstanding designs and unique websites, aren’t we? But consider the situation that you combine inspiration with your passion. What will be the result of this combination? It all depends on your passion and interests. There is one area of our lives that we not only underestimate but we also forget about it.

It is so simple that you will be shocked to notice how much time you spend with this thing that accompanies us in a car, on a train, during a walk or a jog through nameless alleys. Music. It often plays in the background with us not noticing yet another tune, but after all music is always with us. There are not many people who do not appreciate relaxing features of various tunes and there are even less people who do not have they favourite kind of music.


How it is connected with design? I will explain it shortly. Music as many other areas of our lives moved to the internet. We buy albums or tracks through iTunes or listen to music on online radio stations. We also search for bands on LastFM or just look up profile of our favourite artist on Facebook. We follow stars on twitter but so many times we forget that our amazing stars, radio stations and records have actually a website. So this time I want you to focus on great sites devoted either to musicians, bands, record labels or music magazines we’ll see what comes out. So enjoy!


1. Oh land


Danish based artist that has a unique approach to music. In her bio we can read: “Her multi-sensory approach to songwriting has been present from the beginning.” Actually beside her talent and very pleasant looks we may admire a very nice website with video as background.

ohland inspiration site of danish singer

ohland inspiration site of danish singer


2. Beyonce


You may love her or you may hate her but you have to admit that she has a powerful voice and extraordinary skills. Of course, she also looks great as we can full appreciate on her website, which is contains everything a fan wants.

beyonce website



3. Arctic Monkeys


We have been always highlighting that simplicity is the key. Musicians or maybe webmasters of Arctic Monkeys went that way and they have produced highly functional and at the same time really simple website. Black and white colours ensure best reading experience and contrast while the rest is as simple as it could be. Certainly, simple does not mean bad.

arctic monkeys rockband site

arctic monkeys1


4. Opera de Montreal


There are people who are not passionate about opera and I have to admit that definitely I belong to the more blues-rock side of the music. Nonetheless, it is worth to visit the website of Opera de Montreal.

opera de montreal


5. Routalempi


Ok, this time I would like to write something about the band but well, don’t know Finnish so you will have to check the band on your own. The only thing I can say that the site is nice and well designed, maintained in black and white colours and it has bee awarded The Site of the Day by

awwwards winning website of the day

inspirational website of the day by awwwards


6. Pioneer-steez


Website of audio systems that may be of use for people who like to dance in the streets. Portable audio systems, boomboxes and headphones of unique design and as we may assume great performance.

 pioneer-steez audio systems, boombox etc.

pioneer-steez audio systems, boombox etc.


7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers


It is becoming too hard to pick some of the best sites with music content and I am sure that I miss so many great sites but well space restrictions cannot be exceeded. Maybe next time I will focus on band websites or pick a single genre of music. We’ll see and see ya for now!

red hot website rock band

popular rock band site, red, hot, chilli, peppers

red hot3